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Long Arm Quilting Service

Canning Town Patchwork offers a long arm quilting service for edge to edge quilting. If you have quilt tops that need to be quilted then we can help you get them finished.

What Do I Need To Do?

Just bring along your quilt top and we can help you select a suitable pattern and threads to compliment your quilt. You can choose backing and wadding from the selection we have available in the shop or you can supply your own.

We stock three types of Matilda's Own Wadding. 100% Cotton, Polyester and 60/40 Wool/Polyester - these are all made in Australia. All our wadding is 2.4m wide.

Check your quilt top for any stray threads that may need to be removed and make sure all seams are pressed in the right direction on the quilt back.

Identify the top of the quilt if necessary, by pinning a safety pin to the top outer edge.

Supplying Your Own Backing and Wadding - If you are supplying your own wadding and backing it is very important that both backing and wadding are larger than your quilt top by 6 - 8 inches, or 3 - 4 inches all around the quilt. This will allow the quilt to be correctly mounted on the machine ready for quilting. We recommend a good quality 100% cotton backing that has been pre-washed and ironed for best results. Avoid polyester fabrics and bed sheets if you are looking for a quality finish.

How Much Will It Cost?

Prices for quilting are calculated per square foot. Measure your quilt top in inches. Multiply length by width and divide by 144 to find square feet. Multiply by cost per square foot.

Contact us for further information or a quote on your quilting.

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